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2015 Rosters

High School Rosters

Elementary Rosters

Junior High Rosters

Bison System Duals 07/09/2016 Bucknell University

High School High School Boxscores Here
Dark Knights Black 1st
Team Shutt 2nd

Junior High Junior High Boxscores Here
Weaver Elite 1st
Dark Knights 2nd

Elementary Elementary Boxscores 1 Here
Elementary Boxscores Here 2
Young Guns/Ranger Pride 1st
Cobra Kai 2nd

———2017 Results———-

Dual Meet Scores: Elementary Results
Final Records: Elementary Pool Records Finals

Elementary Final: BVRTC 33 Dark Knights 23

ELEM Round 3 ELEM Round 1 ELEM Round 4 ELEM Round 5 ELEM Round 6 ELEM Round 7 ELEM Round 8 and FINALS

Dual Meet Scores: Junior High Results
Final Records: Junior High Pool Results

Junior High Final: Bout Sheet missing.  Buxton wins in finals
JH Round 9 JH Round 7 and 8 JH Round 5 and 6 JH Round 3 and 4 JH Round 1 and 2

Dual Meet Scores: High School Results
Final Records: High School Records

High School Final: Shutt 33 Quest 18

HS Round 8 HS Round 6 and 7 and Finals HS Round 5 HS Round 4 HS Round 3 HS Round 2 HS Round 1

2018 Results

HIGH SCHOOL Schedule: Highschool Schedule  High School Pool Records

JUNIOR High and ELEMENTARY: Junior High Elementary Schedule Junior High Elementary Pool Records Finals

High School Results: Round 1 HS   Round 2 HS  Round 3 HS Round 4 HS Round 5 HS Round 6 HS Round 7 HS

Junior High Results: Round 1 JH Round 2 and 3 JH  Round 4 and 5 JH Round 6 and 7 JH  Round 8 and 9 JH

Elementary Results: Round 1-2 ELEM Round 3 and 4 ELEM Round 5 and 6 ELEM  Round 7 ELEM  Round 8 and 9 ELEM

2019 Results

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